At Comtel Communications, we provide our customers with a one-stop resource for telecommunications and networking needs.  Making the right decisions with the wide array of choices out there can be difficult and overwhelming for someone not in the industry. Here at Comtel, we sell, service and install hardware from a wide array of providers.  We merge this hardware with a host of high quality voice and data service providers and manage the resulting streamlined programs going forward.

Whether you want to replace your existing systems or want to try to get more out of what you currently have, we can help.  Our consultative services look at your budget requirements, existing resources, and growth opportunities before outlining a solution that meets your needs.  At Comtel, we represent the interests of our clients, not the manufacturers or companies.  We seek to build long-term relationships with our clients.  When working with our customers, we look for the solution today, but consider the needs of tomorrow.

Comtel is your one stop resource for complete communications.  We manage the systems and services in place to keep the organization running smoothly.  Our service follows up with regular maintenance, troubleshooting and upgrades.  We solve problems without creating new ones.  At Comtel, we provide technically and economically sound communications solutions.